Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Episode 68 - Johnny Mnemonic

Narrow the bandwidth, go low-rent! We're jackin' in to the campy 1995 tech thriller Johnny Mnemonic to talk about a future where sideburns don't exist, the internet is a place you can visit and USB sticks seemingly haven't been invented.

Also: more dated 90s tech speak, Henry Rollins' acting inability and the John Wick crossover you never knew you didn't want!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Episode 67 - On Deadly Ground

We're going green this episode with the eco-friendly ego trip of Comrade Seagal's directorial debut: 1994's On Deadly Ground! We talk its heavy-handed environmentalism, Michael Caine's incredibly wobbly "American" accent and unlock the mystery behind one of Pulp Fiction's greatest mysteries in the process (yes, really!)

Also, Seagal behind the scenes and Vid Neg Literary Corner returns, as Dan reads excerpts from the alt-right, anti-immigrant Deep State novel penned by the man himself!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Episode 66 - Ed

We're back, stepping up to the plate to take on the absolutely criminal, no-joke baseball comedy ED! We're talking director Bill Couterie's background in socio-political war documentaries, the film's obsession with farting, shitting and other bodily functions, the strange placement of race, masturbation and gay panic jokes in this supposed kids' film and a theory that this whole mess actually takes place in an Inception-style dreamscape!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Episode 65 - Godzilla

In this episode, we're rampaging all over Roland Emmerich's snooze-fest monster remake, it's 1998's Godzilla! We touch on the film's terrible soundtrack, the total lack of star power, Matthew Broderick-as-leading-man (nope), and the laughable idea that a 300 foot lizard could go missing.

Also, irritating comic relief from EVERYONE, and we get flummoxed by the fact no one in New York seems to be all that bothered by a marauding, nuclear-enhanced monster.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Episode 64 - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Calling all cars! We're back to talk through one of 1992's most infamous shockers and Sylvester Stallone's self-appointed worst film, it's the all-round Oedipal nightmare Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

First at scene of the crime, we're discussing the highly disobedient mother and her ever-increasing rap sheet, the creepiest line we've ever heard on the show, one of the crappiest bad guys in film history, and the story of how Arnie trolled Stallone into signing up to be in this whole mess of a non-movie.

Also: an IMDB review reveals that the film's screenwriter didn't even follow his own rules when he penned the script, and we reveal a massive cinema stinker for the next episode!

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Episode 63 - Space Jam

We're lacing up our newest pair of Air Jordans and dunking on a film we really ought to have done a long time, it's 1996's Space Jam!

We discuss director Joe Pytka's Wikipedia page and how he doesn't want people thinking he made this film, the flagrant-rule breaking that occurs during the big game (including people getting shot), the film's obviously padded out runtime, and how absolutely no one is surprised by the appearance of some of the world's most iconic cartoon characters.

Also Dan gets confused by Muggsy Bogues, and reveals an absolute stinker of a film for the next episode!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Episode 62 - Last Action Hero

On this installment, we're taking down the ultra-meta, kiddie-film-action-parody mess Last Action Hero! We get into the film's interminably slow pacing, its incongruous references to cop-killing, drug dealers and premature ejaculation, the complete waste of its central concept, and delve into the infamous bomb's troubled production, included a phantom test screening which may or may not have actually happened.

Also, we discuss how much better this film would be if it was just Charles Dance correcting everyone's grammar as well as his attempt to assemble a squad of famous movie villains; a late-in-the-film conceit that's woefully mishandled by the movie.