Saturday, 29 April 2017

Episode 51 - The Flintstones

We're rolling into Bedrock for 1994's lacklustre live action romp, The Flintstones! The Vid Neg crew grapple with the gravel of this narratively lightweight, slavish retread, digging up some hidden gems along the way: stone-faced humour, director Brian Levant's hidden socialist agenda and the Flintstone family's pun-based musical tastes!

Also, we're wrapping our heads around a kids film with embezzlement subplots, lynchings, and antagonist suffocation along the way. Plenty of rubble, rubble, toil and trouble in this one, YABBA DABBA DOn't miss out!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Episode 50 - The Rock

Cage Against the Machine season comes to a close with its final part - and our 50th episode - it's 1996's The Rock!

We're treating ourselves for this milestone ep by reviewing something 2/3 of us actually like. Rest assured, things still get silly as we're talking the sourness of those VX balls, debunking the theory that Sean Connery's character is actually James Bond, more juicy 90s gay panic, and plotting this season's films on the Nicolas Cage Matrix to see how his craziness ranks up with the rest of his oeuvre.

Plenty of bang for your buck (it is Michael Bay after all), be sure to tune and help us celebrate our 50th in style.

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Episode 49 - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

To commemorate the release of this year's Power Rangers Movie, we're taking a leak over your childhood memories, we're getting very, very angry over Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie!

What's with the undeservingly grand title this film is bestowed with? Why is EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER dumb as bricks? And what the hell is the deal with that goddamn ghost galleon?

Also: We're talking Justin's Blue Ranger resume, the film's obsession with characters falling from heights, its lack of understanding of how heat works, and the slackest continuity we've ever seen on the show.

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Episode 48 - 8MM

Cage Against the Machine season - a run through of some of Nic Cage's worst 90s films - continues with Joel Schumacher's snuff film snore-fest, it's 1999's 8MM.

How dull can a film about hardcore murder porn be? What's with the Bollywood score playing through this film and is Joaquin Phoenix really this generation's greatest actor?

Also: Tim and Dan get into it over whether this film is actually tense (it's not), an insight into Troy Duffy's casting methods and we learn from several IMDB reviews that the movie isn't meant for little kids.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Episode 47 - Deadfall

We're kicking off our season of terrible 90s Nicolas Cage films with one of his craziest (dare we say UNCAGED) performances, it's 1993's con-caper-crapshoot Deadfall!

We're discussing your opinions on whether Nic Cage is actually a good actor, the least erotic sex scene in film history, the obvious "Tarantino quirks" of this post-Reservoir Dogs crime flick, THAT Sam Peckinpah reference, as well as Cage's own meditations on his "unique" acting style.

Forget Wicker Man, this is truly up there with the Cage man's most mental performances, so don't be a GREASY LITTLE NEPHEW, make sure you check this one out!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Episode 46 - She's All That

The podcast that loves to hate is back for their first ever Valentine's special, we're reviewing 1999's rom-com-prom-job She's All That!

We're talking taking off your glasses in the quest for hotness, drunken university memories, DJ Usher's less than stellar academic records, M. Night Shyamalan's topsy-turvy-twisty scripting, and just how much of a gosh-darn nerd Laney Boggs really is.

Love's in the air in this one, don't miss it!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Episode 45 - Junior

Back to business for us as we get down and dirty in the afterbirth of one of the 90s' most infamous films, it's 1994's bun-in-the-oven bungle JUNIOR!
Why does a film about a pregnant Arnie take itself so seriously? How did they forget to write any actual jokes? Is that resort for pregnant actually a sanitarium for the unwanted. Plus, just how woke does the Governator get in this film?
Don't miss it!